White sugar may be used in winemaking but is not vegan

For us, this has always been a crucial subject. Is there sugar in your wine? is one of our earlier blog pieces where you may learn more.

Starting with the reasons why white sugar is not vegan:

The sugar industry frequently uses bone char, also known as natural carbon, as a decolorizing filter to give sugar cane a white appearance. Bone char is produced from the bones of animals butchered abroad and sold to international dealers, who subsequently resell the bones to the American sugar industry. Sugar is often produced using sugarcane, sugar beets, or coconuts. Bone char is never used in the processing of beet or coconut sugar.

Sugar can be used to improve wines. Chaptalization has been a common practice for ages, increasing the alcohol content of the final wine by adding sugar or grape concentrate to fermenting grape must. This may occur if the crop is poor, which may happen more frequently now because of climate change.

Today, more than ever, grape concentrate juice is being used, particularly in low-cost wines sold in supermarkets and red blend wines sold in restaurants with vegan menus. However, wines created from juice concentrate are often vegan-friendly, loaded with white sugar, and nonetheless marketed as wine.

Thoughts linger on how meticulously vegan restaurants choose their wines to guarantee they are as vegan as their food, despite the fact that many new vegan restaurants are emerging all across the country.

Our policies prohibit adding sugar to our wines. We exclusively collaborate with winemakers that use the grapes’ natural sugars for fermentation to manufacture their wines. Since sugar is the source of alcohol, let’s continue to make our wines using only raw, unprocessed grape sugar that is vegan, all-natural, and organic.

However, at Pure Wines, we only use grape sugar that is present in our wines naturally. The winemakers with which we have worked don’t sweeten their beverages. Like them, we think organically produced vegan wines are likewise aesthetically pleasing and tasty without any added ingredients.

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