Naturally Delicious – An Introduction to Natural Wines

When it comes to wine, the term “natural” is gaining popularity, and for good reason. Natural wines offer a unique and delightful drinking experience that is both environmentally conscious and true to the essence of the grapes. In this article, we will introduce you to the fascinating world of natural wines, with a focus on vegan and biodynamic options. We will explore the techniques used to produce these wines and discuss where you can find them, such as at

  1. Understanding Natural Wines

Natural wines are made using minimal intervention and additives, allowing the true expression of the grapes to shine through. These wines are produced organically, without the use of synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Unlike conventional wines, they are also fermented using indigenous yeasts, which are naturally present on grape skins.

  1. Embracing Vegan Wines

Vegan wines are an excellent choice for those who follow a plant-based lifestyle. While it may come as a surprise, not all wines are vegan-friendly. Traditional winemaking practices often involve the use of fining agents, such as gelatin, egg whites, or fish bladder, to clarify the wine. However, vegan wines are produced without the use of any animal-derived products.

Instead, winemakers employ alternative methods to clarify the wine, such as using clay or charcoal filtration. By opting for vegan wines, you can enjoy your favourite beverage while ensuring that no animals are harmed in the winemaking process.

  1. The Intrigue of Biodynamic Wines

Biodynamic wines take natural winemaking to the next level by incorporating holistic and sustainable agricultural practices. This approach considers the vineyard as an interconnected ecosystem, where the vine is part of a greater natural balance. Biodynamic winemakers follow a lunar calendar and apply specific preparations made from plants, minerals, and manure to enhance the vineyard’s health and produce exceptional wines.

Biodynamic wines showcase a unique character and reflect the terroir in which they are grown. These wines captivate enthusiasts who appreciate the harmonious relationship between nature, the vineyard, and the final product.

Techniques Applied in Natural Winemaking

To produce natural wines, winemakers employ several techniques that differ from conventional winemaking:

  1. Minimal Intervention: Natural winemakers believe in allowing nature to take its course. They refrain from using additives or excessive manipulation during the winemaking process, allowing the grapes to ferment with minimal interference.
  2. Indigenous Yeasts: Natural wines rely on indigenous yeasts naturally present on grape skins for fermentation. This approach imparts a unique character and sense of place to the wines, as different vineyards have their own specific microbial population.
  3. Low Sulfite Content: Sulfites are naturally produced during fermentation, but conventional winemakers often add additional sulfites as a preservative. In natural winemaking, sulfite levels are kept to a minimum, resulting in wines that are vibrant and expressive.

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Natural wines, including vegan and biodynamic options, offer a captivating alternative to conventional wines. By embracing minimal intervention and environmentally conscious practices, winemakers are able to produce truly exceptional and authentic wines that reflect the unique characteristics of the grapes and the terroir.

Vegan wines, produced without the use of animal-derived products, cater to the growing demand for ethical and sustainable choices in winemaking. These wines provide an opportunity to enjoy a delicious glass of wine while staying true to a plant-based lifestyle.

Biodynamic wines take the concept of natural winemaking to new heights by incorporating holistic and sustainable agricultural practices. By treating the vineyard as a dynamic ecosystem and following a lunar calendar, biodynamic winemakers produce wines that truly express the harmony between nature, the vineyard, and the final product.

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So why not embark on a journey of exploration and indulge in the pleasure of natural wines? From their minimal intervention and use of indigenous yeasts to their commitment to sustainability, natural wines offer a unique and delightful experience that will surely captivate both wine enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Cheers to the natural and delicious world of wine!